I Have just read ‘Unseen.Karen Slaughter courtesy of netgalley.I have read all of Karen’s books as they appeared.This is much better than the last one.The ry is told both in the present and flashing back to the past.It concerns bad policemen and their ‘unveiling’.Also Sara and Will grow closer.

This is a must read book.



I am starting this blogwith a book coutesy of Netgalley called ‘Letters from Skye’ Jessica Brockmole.

This will be on my top ten list for this year. It is a novel in epistolary form set before and during the First World war and then again in the second.Both eras link by the end of the book.Susan as the male protagonist calls her is a poet and some of her poetry is here. Skye also becomes a character as does Edinburgh by 1940.I cannot recommend this book more highly.

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